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I first set my eyes (& heart) on Ankarsrum more than 10 yrs ago. Nearest place to get it was Thailand. I couldn't believe it when I saw the sale in my instagram feed. Kim has been absolutely helpful in my buying process, and her response to my queries was quick & informative. My new baby came very well-packed. What a beauty!

Teck Poh Choo

Ankarsrum Assistent Original Stand Mixer- Creme

My not so little Yellow Sunbeam

Read the rave about this machine for bread making. My current mixer had died on many a few times due to bread dough mixing. This was promising and hope to make more bread without worries. Bought it at an awesome deal and got good service from Kim at Cookerlicious to make sure I get my order quick!


Ankarsrum Assistent Original (Stand Mixer)- Sunbeam Yellow

No Regrets

It's difficult to put into words how much I love this blender. I don't regret the money for a second and vitamin will definitely be a staple in my kitchen for the rest of my life. It makes eating healthier easy and fun. I love trying out new recipes and seeing what crazy ways I can hide veggies to get my boyfriend to eat, who is seriously a meat and potatoes guy. I have him eating broccoli soup and green juice. It also makes me more confident to try new baking recipes, like the flan I made for Easter family dinner. Made the texture so smoothe. I'm confident any issues that might come up will be addressed by vitamin customer service.

Taylor B

Vitamix Ascent Series A3500

Wonderful ceramic cooking surface

This pan was even better than expected. The ceramic cooking surface is great - nothing sticks & it doesn't harbour smells - and it's a dream to wash up. It looks nice on the outside, although I am not as yet certain how durable this surface will be. It would be even better if it had a glass lid. All in all, I am very pleased with it, would buy again and definitely recommend.

Twirly Paws

GreenPan Cambridge 20cm deep frying pan

The best pan ever

My mum said this is the best pan she has owned. It was expensive, but the non-stick is strong and the pan itself is really sturdy. Would recommend.

K. Ladwa

KitchenAid Classic 24cm Frying pan

Great Chopping Boards!

I bought the large chopping boards. Great product; functional & looks good. Size is just right for our needs & they are colour coded to ensure good food hygiene. Boards slot into a holder which keeps them neatly together. Dishwasher proof too. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a chopping board & would confident buy more products from Joseph Joseph. 

Johann K.

Joseph Joseph- Chopping Board Set Large (Multicolour)

Worth the investment

For decades we've used cheap non-stick woks found in chinese grocery stores and elsewhere. Never considered there was a real difference for home cooking. But after throwing out yet another wok because of the "non-stick" layer sticking I decided I didnt want to risk the cheap metal anymore. This one cooks on another level. When it gets hot it stays hot. The material conducts heat exponentially better than the cheap ones, allowing you to cook far up the sides still. When the burner is off it retains that heat for a while keeping your dish hot while you prepare the rest of the meal. It's a bit heavier but that is because these woks should be. Buying one for it's light weight is just buying an inferior and potentially dangerous item. This is my first Scanpan and I will upgrade the rest of my cookware to them as well.




I have been on a quest to find a leakproof food storage container for my work lunches. I found some glass options which were ok but I found them quite heavy to carry every day. I am very happy with this container, it is lightweight and really waterproof, I carried some sauce based dishes and no issue, I even tried filling it with water and puting it upside down to see what happens and not a drop. My only open question is I don t know how sturdy it will be long term, I bought this almost three weeks ago and so far so good (I must have used it 8 times now) but I think that with good care it will go a long way.



Large capacity & excellent results

This dehydrator made me happy with every batch I processed, through a variety of vegetables and fruits, from garlic to tomatoes. Reasonably quiet -- it was not disturbingly loud, even on high fan. It is quite large; holds a good quantity of whatever you're drying. I recommend considering its size, and where you're planning to store it when not in use.



Super versatile and user friendly

I have been using my juicer for the past few weeks. I am delighted with how easy it is to use and clean. I have only used it once to make almond butter and that was a bit more complex, but juicing and mixing is pretty straight forward. Love this machine and it looks pretty funky in my kitchen!


Omega NC1002HD Cold Pressed Juicer

Powerful, versatile with a good selection of included blades, accessories

I ultimately replaced the Kitchenaid with the Magimix when I could no longer find a source for replacement parts. If you are a serious user of a food processor and can afford the price, I recommend it highly.I use the Magimix to make various bread doughs, slice and chop vegetables and to puree various mixtures such as pesto. Good design with a powerful motor that has not slowed with heavy dough. The base is heavy and while it may rock a bit when processing dough, it stay in place. Easy to clean for a food processor, just immerse the parts in hot soapy water and wipe it out. The manufacturer says it can be put into a dishwasher, but I don't put any clear plastic/polycarbonate in the dishwasher as it will eventually craze in my experience.


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